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You have Dominion!

TEXT : Gen 1:26-28 ,Ps 8: 6, Isaiah 43: 1-28

TOPIC: Walking In Dominion


Dominion means being in charge of something or rule over it. Dominion stresses sovereign power or Supreme authority. It also connotes power or use of power, sovereignty over something, supremacy.

The term dominion means to rule over nature . This is the idea that humans are in charge of the world on behalf of giving humans dominion over the land and animals.

God has giving humanity the right to control and have power over all other living beings


In this teaching, we are considering 6 hindrances to dominion:

1. SIN: The bible in the book of Rom 6: 14 says " For sin shall not have dominion over you for you are not under the law but under grace. This taught us that if you dont have dominion over sin then you are not in God's grace and are not saved.

The bible says "flee" e.g Joseph flee and the bible tells us to run from all appearances of evil, so you have dominion over it because you know what to do.


3. FEAR: This can be viewed in 3 different meaning:

* forget everything and run------ in this we can say you decide to forget who you are in Christ and run away from life, family, marriage challenges and run , ignoring your duties or God sent assignment

* Face everything and rise.......meaning that you need to face whatever stand on your way to progress with the weapon God has given you and rise ( be the person God wants you to be).

* false evidence appearing real

It is now left for you to decide on whichever one you want out of the 3 another to exercise your dominion

4. DISOBEDIENCE: This is refusal to comply with or follow the laid down rules. As citizens of the heavenly kingdom, we are to enforce the will of God on earth. The bible says: Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, God set the rules, we follow it. If you will not therefore follow His rules by disobeying them, you can't allow Him to give you dominion

You can't keep disrespecting your boss in office and expect a promotion

Study Deut 28: 1- 28

5. LACK OF VIOLENCE : Violence is vital in the school of dominion. For you to rule sometimes and take over what belongs to you, you must be violent, as it is written, right from the day of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent takes it by force.

Imagine this : How do you expect to rule over violent spirits, violent situations, violent foes if you yourself are not violent. You must be violent and ours is in the place of prayers and lawful physical action birthed by faith.

As a believer, you are to dominate everywhere either in politics, business, academics, in your office, in your marriage ( but not in terms of wives dominating the husbands) e.t.c. Even you can dominate in strange places just like Mordecai, Daniel, Joseph etc. It is your right as believer in Christ Jesus to dominate...... grace for spiritual violence and dominate, receive it now in Jesus name.

Even if you are not violent in taking back what belongs to you, they will inherit it totally and you will just be weeping and wallowing in poverty till you die because ordinarily it was taking unknowingly as the bible made us to understand that when man slept, the enemy came and sow tares in the field and went his way. While you slept, they took over what is rightly belong to you but you have to use violence to take it back.


Hoses 4: 6 says my people perish for lack of knowledge. Knowledge is very vital if you want to dominate in this life.

It is lack of knowledge that will make a prince walk on foot while the servant is riding on a horse

Note : You need knowledge to know your own jurisdiction

You need knowledge to know the things that have been freely given to you in Christ Jesus.

You need knowledge to know your right in Christ. Do not let anybody cheat or use you as a ball passing you here and there.

You need knowledge to know you are the heir of God as a Christian and the apple of God's eye, so nobody can treat you anyhow.

Pls note :True knowledge comes from studying the word of God- If you do not study your bible, you will be ignorant of a lot of things. Your bible is not an ordinary book. It is a divine revelation from God and a guide to your successful living. May God release the grace for your dominion upon you in Jesus name.


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