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The Watchmen: Doorkeeper or Gatekeeper

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Text: Ezekiel 3: 17-21

Who Is a watchman?

Who is a Gatekeeper ?

Who Is a Doorkeeper?

In the course of this message, we will know who these people are and you will be able to pick who you are and who God has made you to be- A Gatekeeper or Doorkeeper. You will also be able to know what is expected of you.

Introduction:- A watchman watches and warns of approaching danger. They observe the daily life of the city, they know the people, their work, their habits and their lifestyles.

Watchmen also hold vigil day and night for the peace of the people according to Isaiah 62 :6-7. This means that the well being of people is important to a watchman, their presence keeps the city from suffering the ravaging effects of evil.

Watchmen are a group of people who are charged to watch for the safety of the city and the citizens, they are servants who understand the dangers of the present world and proclaim a warning message to all who will hear- their messages include: Teaching the way to personal peace for those who listen. It will show the true teaching of God and the way to salvation. Their message will show how one could choose to escape the judgement God will bring to the world, and also the wicked judgement upon a person.

A Gatekeeper means one that guards a gate or a person who controls access. They may refuse, control or delay access to services. Alternatively, they may also be used to oversee how work is being done. They stand at an entry point to prevent unwanted traffic from coming through, meaning they can refuse access as earlier said. They are the first person you will encounter if you call or visit an office or place. Therefore, Gatekeepers are guards stationed for protection at various kinds of gates which could be city gates etc.

Doorkeepers or Doormen are the gatekeepers of a building and also hold the keys to the tenant's castle or house.

It is a job for a courteous, trustworthy, honest and helpful person. Just like a gatekeeper, they stand at a building's front door as a form of security and a symbol of status.

We can see that both Gatekeepers and Doorkeepers/Doormen are WATCHMEN, but one is more challenging than the other.

There is one that guards a gate or even controls access to the building and there is one that guards or controls access to the building but also holds the keys of the entire building and is also accountable to the tenants, management and the owners.

A gatekeeper can open the gate to gain access to the building but a Doorkeeper can decide not to release the key to the tenants or whosoever wants to gain access to the house, meaning that his heart is totally shut out in allowing just anybody to gain entrance into the house possibly they might want to steal, kill or destroy which is the primary aim of the devil.

Being a Doorman, you are as well accountable to God for whatsoever happens to anybody God has given you to keep watch over because He has set you as a watchman over that person or people. You too must be extremely careful and you must not hesitate to deliver any message from God to the people or person as our text implies. God has seen you as trustworthy, courteous, helpful and honest person and that is why He gave you the assignment.

As a doorman or doorkeeper in your house or family ,you must be watchful as you act as a primary security system for the building as you learn and recognize the building's tenants and allow only the proper people to enter. Meaning that if anything should go wrong, you are to be blamed. Dont allow robbers to enter your home, you have been entrusted with the keys of the entire building, be able to discern and use your discretion as per who to open the door for, you are to bring peace of mind to the building and to the tenants.

Ways in which keys drop off from a Doorkeeper or Doorman:

The major way naturally is CARELESSNESS. If a doorman is sleeping instead of being on his feet 24/7 and in the weather all day, the key can easily drop off from his hand and a thief or somebody that is not supposed to gain access into the building or house can easily go in thereby creating problems to the entire house.

Also disobedience, drunkenness and playing with sin can allow the keys to drop off thereby allowing what or who is not supposed to gain entrance into the house or building to go in thereby creating everlasting destruction to the entire house or building.

Now, check yourself, what position are you or which one do you belong to? A Gatekeeper or A Doorkeeper. Both of you are Watchmen which definitely God will ask you about the assignment He has given you, but, are you careful , do you guard yourself and your heart from evil thoughts that can lead to entire destruction of the whole generation?

Do you run away from sin and temptations, because when the gate is already opened, you have the keys in your hand so you can decide whether to open the house ( your heart) to that sin and temptations)?

ŸAre you prayerful and watchful?

ŸAre you delivering the message as instructed because many generations are attached to you, the way you handle it now, that is how it will continue, you've been given the assignment to be a watchman unto the entire household in your family lineage.

God's word is sharper than 2 edged sword, take note and act now!

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