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The Principles of Divine Provision

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

TEXT: 1st Kings 17: 1-16

Introduction: Many pray for divine provision in their lives. In fact everyone desires and pray for this divine provision, however, to get it, one must follow divine principles.;

What is divine provision?

Divine provision is:-

1) Getting constant supplies from God

2) Receiving directly from God

A lot of people in the Bible like Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Elijah etc. followed these principles, though simple and they never lacked God’s divine provision.

Therefore, out of the people in the Bible mentioned above, we are going to use Elijah as a case study.

In the above text, Elijah followed the principles which made him to enjoy divine provision from God, the principles are:-

1.) Obedience to God :- 1st Kings 17:2-5; Gen 12:1

In the above text, Elijah listened to God’s instruction in Vs 2-4 and in Vs 5, he obeyed the instructions and the result of his obedience can be seen in Vs 6, he was satisfied and enjoyed divine provision.

This means in any situation of lack you may find yourself, watch out for the voice of God for instructions and obey them.

2.) God’s provisions can come in any way, in fact, it comes in many ways:- 1st Kings 17:4

Imagine God using a raven( which was considered as an uncleaned bird in Leviticus 11:15; Deuteronomy 14:14), they make an appearance in the Bible not only as examples of God’s provision but also as messengers with God’s provision.

This means God can use anything or anybody to sort you out, you just relax and let him act for Elijah, God used a raven bird which was bringing two square meal a day and a brook provided there for him to drink water.

3.) Do not limit God’s provision to a particular person:- 1st Kings 17:7

After a while, the brook dried up

Note :- Your source of income at a time may dry up it does not mean God’s divine provision over your life is over. Stop lamenting in that same position. God told Elijah, after the brook dried up to move to Zerephath.

4.) Always be prepared for the next level ;- 1st Kings 17: 9-10

Don’t just sit down and worry over your former success and breakthrough which in drying up now, listen to God if he is saying move to the next level, please move.

5.) Apply your faith in the place of your divine provision :- 1st Kings 17:11-13

Elijah asked for water in Vs 10c, then he now asked for bread in Vs 11.

In fact, it looked somehow when God asked Elijah to go to a widow that had only one piece of meal left with her and her child to just eat and die of hunger. Not that Elijah does not care or is wicked but he trusts the God he serves for provision and multiplication. His faith is so strong and he believes and trusts in God. Elijah was able to apply his faith even in an hopeless situation and he experienced divine provision even in the least place, the poor widow’s house.

6.) God blesses you to bless others :- 1st Kings 17:14

When God blessed Elijah through that widow because he was able to eat and satisfy, the bible recorded that the barrel which the woman used to prepare the meal for Elijah never dried up of food and the pot of oil, anytime she opens it, it is always filled with oil, what a miracle Elijah spoke a word, and it was so.

So divine provision for the widow at Zerephath and her household To enjoy constant divine provision, do not stop helping others from the divine provision God has given you.

Conclusion :-

God’s provision daily :- 1st Kings 17:6; Matt 6;11

What God promised us in a daily provision. Believe in God and He will bless the work of your hands to provide you and your family’s daily needs. God used a raven and a poor widow to daily feed Elijah. He can do it for you only if you can put your trust in Him. Elijah and others in the bible follow these principles and they enjoyed the divine provision of God, you too can enjoy this if you can follow these principles.

God bless you.

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