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He Fits the Puzzle

Updated: Sep 6, 2021


What Is a Puzzle: A Puzzle is a thing that is difficult to understand or explain.

In a puzzle, the "solver" is expected to put pieces together in a logical way in order to arrive at a correct or fun solution of the puzzle.

In reality, our life is a puzzle because at times, things are scattered and though you try to fix it but you cannot, so instead of bothering your head, why can't you allow God to fit it for you. Now this brings us to our text which says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.”


Imagine a 4 year old child being given a letter of an image that he or she have never seen before to arrange. How do you think that child will feel? Initially, the child will be playing with those cards and be trying to put them together, but as he tries, he will likely be wasting time and energy to fit it until he gets tired. At times, the poor child will be sweating and sweating, some will even be crying because they are trying but with no result. The reason is just because the child doesn't have a clue about that image at all, only the adult that gave the letter and have the picture of the image can arrange it, so it is better for the child to hand it over to the adult to do it for or to guide him or her to save him from the stress.

This is however telling us to trust God. Why will you keep on wasting your time and energy sweating when you can trust the maker of heaven and earth to fit your life for you.

Therefore, the first thing you need to know and do is to TRUST GOD. God is our creator, He created the heaven and the earth --- GEN 1:1-31. Even when the earth was without form and void, He fixed everything right, that means if your life is in shambles, it is only Him that can fit it only if you trust in Him as He cannot mis-lead you.

2. He is the potter, you are the clay, let Him mould you the way He wants for Himself as you are created only for Him. Also, allow Him to mould you the way He feels you will look attractive to people that will make His name be glorified through you. Dont allow an ordinary being that God created that will scatter your life the more mould your life for you, call the right person, your creator, let Him fits the puzzle of yours.

3. You are a baby like I said earlier, you dont know anything about life, you dont have a clue at all. Acknowledge the fact that you have a father, God. A good father nurtures and takes good and proper care of his child right from childhood. Satan misleads people but our God is a real and proper father, He cannot mislead his own child because He has good plans for us. Sometimes, a father directs a child when seeing that things are not right with that child and this is exactly what God does if you receive Him like a child and acknowledge Him as your father.

When things are not right with a child or especially when that father sees his child struggling and struggling with the puzzle, he may ask the child if he needs help and a good child that is not stubborn or strong headed will easily accept the offer thereby making the father to intervene, direct and instruct that child and this will make things very easy for that child.

Note this, your stubbornness, arrogancy,pride and strong headedness will make you to struggle in life for nothing, it can make you to fail in life, it can make you to derail and be out of purpose and God plans and this can be a wasted life , so pls be careful .

Knowing and acknowledging God as your father will make you not to lean on your own understanding as you will surrender all to Him

Psalms 32: 8 says, I will instruct and teach you in the way you should go, I will

guide you with my own eye, that is God speaking.

Also, Prov 3: 6 says you must know God in all your ways, not only in few of your ways but in all your ways and He will direct your path.

That means you must know Him as your father and acknowledge Him Note also Prov 4: 1- 4


Life is sometimes a struggle as found in the life of a small child trying to fit a puzzle but the moment you acknowledge God as your creator and leave everything to Him, He will direct your path and make your life meaningful and a side attraction. Brethren, see God as the owner of your life and the creator of heaven and earth, stop struggling with your life because you are not the owner of your life. He knows everything about you, leave your life for Him and for Him alone as He knows what to do about your life, dont ever struggle with Him because He has given You victory.

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