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God of all Flesh

TEXT : Bible Reading : Ezekiel 37 : 1-10 TEXT : JEREMIAH 32: 26- 27

Introduction:- God of all flesh means the master of all flesh, or the owner of all flesh.

Out of what God created or let's say out of all flesh, study shows that only man is the most difficult being because they ask questions and sometimes doubt God before they obey and this is what sometimes make them to tarry in their unpalatable situations, and sometimes make their prayers to be unanswered.

I want to admonish all of us to have faith in God : " Behold, I am the LORD I.e the master, the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for me?

Firstly, the word came to Jeremiah and as we all know that through the word, the heavens and earth were created. Also in the book of Matt 24: 35 which says heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away

1. Now, what is the word that has been spoken concerning you , I mean God's word, it means God, the master of all flesh will make it come to pass, just have faith and believe because there is nothing too hard for him to do.

2. What good dream have you had concerning yourself, God of all flesh will make your dream come to reality.

3. What prophecy have they said concerning you, God of all flesh that nothing is too hard for Him to do will make that good prophecy come to pass in your life.

4. What word or message have been said concerning you , that word will come to pass in your life in Jesus name.

The word makes all the difference. It is through the word that Peter let down his net again and the fish obeyed and entered the net of Peter, and also it was through the word that the lame man at the beautiful gate received his healing - Act 3: 1-1.

Now , let see what God of all flesh has done:

• With God, dry bones came back to life. What is that hopeless situation in your life, today, it will receive life now in Jesus name

• With God, Lazarus came back to life as found in the book of John 11 because God is the resurrection and life. What is that thing that is dead in your life, the resurrection power of God fall on it now and rise up in Jesus name.

• With God, the impotent man of 38years was instantly healed as found in John 5: 1-17. What is that age long situation or battle that you've been battling with that seems that there is no solution, I pray God Almighty will attend to it today as the way maker in Jesus name.

With God,the mad man of Gaderene in Mark 5 was instantly set free . What is that sickness,disease or battles of life that has held you bound and is even bringing shame and disgrace to your life or has made you an outcast, I command in the name of Jesus, be loosed in Jesus name. Read also, Jer 30:17.

God said in the book of 2nd Chronicles 7:14 that He will heal your land but there are some conditions attached, you just have to follow. We have prayed and seek God's face on 7/7, just check your life and turn away from your wicked ways, He will forgive your sins and heal that your financial instability, Is your business sick, God of all flesh will heal it, Is your marriage sick, God of all flesh will heal it in Jesus name.

• Is your life not fruitful thereby making you to be frustrated,God of all flesh will visit you today and turn your life around for good thereby making you to jubilate and celebrate in Jesus name.

Note that with God, nothing shall be impossible. We've prayed and sought God's face, we are expecting the result of our prayers which will start coming or have started coming, we will all have testimonies in Jesus name.

In conclusion, surrender your flesh to God as our text says and obey Him - God is the God of all flesh, the moment you do that, He will take over your life and nothing shall be too difficult for God to do in your life.


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