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Introduction:- Children are blessings from the Almighty God and every marriage are hoping to have these blessings in their homes even if is 2. In our time, immediately one get married ,each family will be asking their child how far,not as today that our children do not take that as their priority for getting married. A child is a precious gift from God.

How you handle the gift given to you shows how responsible you are, and note that every gift and talents given to you, you will surely give account ( luke 19: 12-26)

How do you take care of your children right from childhood , do you neglect them or take proper care of them

Do you teach them in the way of the Lord

You as parent, what legacy are you showing them / leaving for them

Do you pray for them

Do you leave them in the hand of God or o ko won moya pe " omo mi, omo mi, EMI ni mo ni won

Note that anything you dont put or keep under God's care can easily be a prey for the enemies and the devil.Therefore, put all your children inside God, so that if anyone want to take your child, they have to get God first which is quite impossible , this will therefore mean in as much they can't get God, there is no way they can get your child/ children

HERITAGE: Heritage means possession, it means property that is or may be inherited. Every responsible human being value their possession . Likewise, children are God's possession , God's property that He values so much. Every child is God's heritage because they are instruments in His hand..... Jer 51: 20 -23.

Note Gen 3: 1-15 ....... pls read ....about God, satan, Adam & Eve. This is exactly where the whole show started.

Let us now ask ourselves this question---- Do you value what you have? Some people value their cars, some value their gold, some value their cloth, some their properties etc. The way you value all these, you must value your children as they are God's possession given to you as gift..

We parents sited here should note that it is through God's HELP and WISDOM that you raise a child. You yourself must be rooted in God if you dont want the devil to take or get hold of that child especially if that child comes with so much glory

Everyone of us were once a child, majority of things we follow were what we got from our

parents until we have full understanding of which one to follow. Some children miss it today because of the way and what their parents put in them/ what they show them hmmm, if not for Christ, most destinies could have been truncated today. The bible says you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. You as parent, do you know the truth. Some are still in bondage today, how do you think they can bring their child out of the same bondage all because they as parents dont have the understanding of God and they dont know the truth, they follow their ancestors path.

ADVICE : My advise to us as parent is :

To work together with God to lead these children according to the plans He has for their lives. You must be rooted and ask for knowledge, wisdom and understanding from God.

1. Dont leave your children alone

2. Dont be carried away looking for money and material things alone, train your child as a father, and as a mother, note that omo ti a ko ba ko ni yio gbe ile ti a ba ko ta lojo Ola

3. Love,cherish, teach and lead your children in a good way that God will be happy with you that you value His possession and gift, nitoripe a fun mi to ni a je. So as earthly parents, do you fulfil these roles ? Note that when earthly parents welcome Heavenly father's children into their homes, they assume responsibility to do this things mentioned.

LOVE: If you love your child, dont give them out to the wolfs of these world, do everything in your capacity with the help of God to safeguard your children

CHERISH: To cherish is to protect and care for, is to hold dearly and to keep in one's mind, to feel or show affection to, to appreciate --- Do you exhibit all these qualities as parents to your children

TEACH: You as parent must teach your children in God's way. Your negative behaviour to others is having serious negative effect on your children because they will be confused as per what to do. You are the epistle that your child is reading.

LEAD: Are you leading them in a good or bad way, check yourself.

In conclusion, as children are God's heritage, you must handle and take proper care of them as they are precious like the bible says in Ps 127: 4 ( as arrows in the hand of the mighty so are children) and we know that the arrow is the weapon that mighty men use to fight. Without the arrow, he is just an ordinary person. That is why arrows are so important to the mighty men so they keep it very well because it is his instrument of war ---- ref again to Jer 51: 20-23, pls read

Also, dont allow your past mistakes or your past experience affect your children. Try and find out with the help of God how they wont enter the same error. You do this by calling upon God.

Lastly, if you have shown your child the right way and good path and he or she refuses or withdraw from you, leave him or her to God, by praying internally,let the child follow his or her will as they have to learn too, but dont stop praying for that child.


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