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Be Positive in your Confession

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

TEXT: NUMBERS 14:2-9; 28-37

To confess means to tell or make known or say out. In the above text, we could see two different confessions.

1. Negative confessions- as found in Numbers 14: 2-3

2. Positive confessions- as found in Numbers 14: 6-9

When we look at Numbers 14:28-37, we saw the result of murmuring and negative confessions, which says, “As ye have spoken in mine ears, so will I do to you.”

In Numbers 13, God spoke to Moses to send men each of the tribe of Israel to go and search and spy the land of Canaan that he promised to give them as inheritance. The people (12 of them) went and in verse 27-33, ten of them brought evil reports and a negative confession, but Joshua and Caleb brought a good report and a positive confession in Numbers 14:6-9 about the same land. With this good and positive confession, Joshua and Caleb obtained the promise because they were the only ones that entered the land out of the 12.

Brethren, what are you confessing with your mouth? Are you saying that God did not see the Amalekites and the giants in that land before promising them that he is taking them to a land flowing with milk and honey (Canaan land)? God knows that he will deal with those giants for the Israelite's sake. He only wants them to trust and believe Him and take possession even when things are not getting on well around you. Confess positive things, hold on to the promises of God that says: the thought He has towards you is of good and not of evil (Jer. 29:11) and that all shall be well. Any negative confession can lead to pain so clear your mind, clear your thought, let good things come out from your heart and bring out something positive from your mouth. Note that what you say out comes from the heart. Even when people are saying there is a casting down despite, confess that there is lifting for you. Confess with your mouth that it will not come near you nor your dwellings because God has said so in Psalm 91.

Remember that our God has never failed, so he wont fail you in that situation of yours, confess positive things and God will honor your word (Numbers 14:28b). Remember the Bible says:- 'Ninu aye, eyin yio ri iponju', He did not say you will not see, but he then gave assurance, that 'e tujuka, nitoripe moti segun aye' (i.e be of good cheers, I have overcome the world). So many things that can frighten you are in the world but He said he has overcome. Why are you scared to take your territory, your promised land because of the giants and the obstacles on the way. Come out of your fears brethren and take your territory, your inheritance, your promised land.

Also, the bible made us to understand that many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the assurance there is that the lord delivers him out of them all Psalm 34:19. Brethren, are you now running away from afflictions? The Amalekites and the giants in your land of Canaan are the afflictions because they don’t want you to get to that promised land that God has planned for you, they terrorize you, make you scared and afraid but hold on to the word of God and take your territory, go to your promised land, don’t say I cant, you are able by his grace.

In conclusion, take your possession with your positive confession, note that our God has never failed and would never fail you, believe His words and His promises is forever sure. Amen.

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